Jesus Conquers the Zombie Nazis from Outer Space in the Year 3000: The Musical

Alan Smithee Presents:

Jesus Conquers the Zombie NAZIs from Outer Space in the Year 3000: The Musical

A One-Act Rock Opera In Two Acts by John Reynolds

[An adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Henry III]


Directed by — Alan Smithee
Musical Director — John Reynolds
Stage Manager — Lucas Lilliholm
Costume Designer — John Reynolds
Set Designer — Lucas Lilliholm
Light & Sound Technician — John Reynolds

(In Order of Moral Superiority)

Jesus — Brett Johnson
Zarphod — Colin O’Brien-Lux
Zach — Reider Larsen
Lisa — Julie Alexander
Steve/Zombie/Disciple/Narrator — Chris Sawtelle
Alpha/Zombie/Disciple — Joey Bertran
Bravo/Zombie/Disciple — Sam Gibbs
Charlie/Zombie/Disciple — Nicholas Tubbs
Delta/Disciple– Lucas Lilliholm