Controversial Agent Provocateur – ‘Horror’ Film


Les Fleurs du Mal, is a two minute mini-movie (originally released in November 2011) to promote the lingerie company’s Soiree collection of high-end lingerie – and was inspired by the Hammer horror movies of the late 50s and 60s.
The Advertising Standards Authority has given the green light to a controversial Agent Provocateur video, which was originally banned after just one complaint.
Following an in-depth assessment, the decision was made to lift the ban on the video, with the ASA stating the following:

“The online video appeared in the context of the website of a luxury lingerie retailer. We acknowledged some viewers might find some of the scenes distasteful but considered the highly stylised nature and clearly fictional content of the video meant it was unlikely to be interpreted by most viewers in the way the complainant suggested. We considered the ads did not demean women and were unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence to visitors to the Agent Provocateur website. We also considered the ad was unlikely to cause fear or distress without justifiable reason. We therefore concluded that the ad did not breach the Code.”

So there you have it. To see what all the fuss is about, check out the video for yourself – MT-Rudeboy