Film – Agent Provocateur L’Agent Laura Moure


“Gorgóne, or No Love Lost”, is the title for the irresistible new commercial of the Agent Provocateur’s voluptuous new fragrance named “L’Agent”.

In the aftermath of a sex session, a mysterious woman clad in black lingerie exits an hotel room…

» Cast: Laura Moure, Carolina Bona
» Agency: Douchebag Corp.
» Brand: Agent Provocateur
» Product: L’Agent
» Creative Directors: Cristo Aleister, Damiano Vitali & Julien Zenier
» Production: Vernhes&Zenier Ltd.
» Executive Producer: Julien Zenier
» Director: Julien Zenier
» Director of Photography: David Acereto
» Music: “Rev 22:20 (Rev 4:20 Mix)” performed by Puscifer (Published by Puscifer Entertainment © 2007)
» Production Designer: Cristo Aleister
» Art Director: Ana Romero
» Stylism: Cristina DeVille
» Make-up & Hair Stylism: Ritinha Candela
» Editor: Julien Zenier
» VFX: The Frank Barton Company
» Digital Intermediate Color: Jordi Molina
» Titles Design and Animation: Cristo Aleister
» Sound Design: Roberto Fernandez
» Production Manager: Jaime Mateos