“American Vampire” – Full Feature Length Film

“American Vampire” – Full Feature Length Film

American Vampire – Full Feature Length Film

“American Vampire”
aka “An American Vampire Story”

starring: Trevor Lissauer – Carmen Electra – Adam West – Johnny Venocur – Sydney Lassick – Danny Hitt

Written by: Rollin Jarrett
Directed by: Luis Esteban

Trevor Lissauer (Undressed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Skateboard Kid) stars alongside vixen Carmen Electra (Bywatch, Scary Movie, Starsky & Hutch) in this tale of the Pacific dwelling Undead.

When Young teen Frankie’s (Lissauer) parents vacation to Europe for the whole summer, he thinks his life will be full of carefree parties and sun-kissed girls. However, after allowing a conman named Moondoggie and his two seductive accomplices into his home, Frankie’s life takes a sudden and unusual turn for the worst.

Slowly coming to the realization that his new houseguests are not quite “human”, he must seek out the help of a famed vampire hunter known only as “The Big Kahuna”, played by Adam West. Can they manage to rid their lives of these strange people, or will these vampires slowly be taking control of the entire west coast?

Rated PG-13: Violence, Sick Humour, Blood & Gore, Mild Drug Use, Language

approx run time: 98 mins