CLIP-Kate Upton GQ Behind the Scenes — The Reason HD Video Was Invented


Some videos just don’t need a description. So without further adieu, here is HD video of Kate Upton dancing in a bikini, hula hooping, and frolicking around topless. TV – Playboy Swimwear


Bikinicom was lucky enough to get a preview of Playboy’s 2009 line of bikinis. So, for the sake of fashion, we are sharing it with you (the hot models don’t hurt either).

Video – MILA KUNIS on GQ Magazine!


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Video – All Star Jen Keller


All Star Jen Keller

We couldn’t decide if she looks more like Kate Bosworth or Natalie Portman, but no matter what, we were dazzled by Jen Keller’s smile and sweetness (so were some of our office neighbors, who fell in love watching our photo shoot with her). She says she always feels sexy in a bikini, and we have to agree it suits her.

GQ TV – Amber Heard on Drive Angry 3D


Amber Heard on Drive Angry 3D


Read the full in-depth interview with A on British GQ here: caught up with Amber Heard to talk her love of vintage muscle cars and Salman Rushdie novels, joking with Johnny Depp and the one piece of grooming advice every man should heed…

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CLIP – All Star Jessica Canizales


CLIP – All Star Jessica Canizales

Our new All Star Jessica Canizales has no qualms about showing off some skin. Less is more with this Brazilian beauty who is used to the g-string attire of her exotic home.

Video – Amanda Seyfried on British GQ’s 100 Best Things


Video – Amanda Seyfried on British GQ’s 100 Best Things

Some contenders to replace the Pope are from Africa, as Vladimir Duthiers repots.