Hitman Contract Killer -Jet Li – Full Movie

All Fight Scenes: (2:24) (24:43) (34:27) (54:43) (1:06:41) (1:08:53) (1:21:29)
Jet Li stars as Tai Feng (aka Fu). a hitman with a `sense of justice` and a talent for deliberately missing his intended victims. When his streetwise agent Sam (Eric Tsang) uses Tai`s awesome fighting skills to acquire billions of dollars at the expense of heavy-hitting Japanese mobsters, the scene is set for a martial-arts showdown of ground-breaking proportions. An exhilarating, suspenseful action-drama combining elements of black humour and s sense of style, Hitman packs the king of resounding punch you would expect from the world`s most enigmatic action star. Jet Li is more lethal than ever as the Hitman!