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Die frei erfundenen “Kolportagen”, Fabeln, Märchen und Latrinenparolen der “GoMoPa”-“Nawito”

Bernd Pulch

Liebe Leser,

wieder einmal versucht die dubiose “GoMoPa” und deren Handlanger, Konsorten und Komparsen mutmasslich “Peter Ehlers” und “Nawito” von mutmasslich eigenen Taten abzulenken und mir perfide den “Schwarzen Peter” zuzuschieben.

Wie bereits im Falle meines angeblichen falschen Magistertitels, dem Fall Meridian Capital etc pp die Liste ist endlos.

Ein Sammelsurium von  Kolportagen, Fabeln, Märchen und Latrinenpatrolen…

Dabei liegen die Beweis klar auf dem Tisch:

Die renommierten und etablierten Medien wie “ZEIT” und “Süddeutsche Zeitung” haben es aufgedeckt, was hier im Fall “S &K”/”GoMoPa” wirklich lief.

Nachdem zahlreiche Internetangriffe nichts gebracht haben, nun wieder dieser Unsinn.

Hier noch einmal meine Stellungnahme zu der “GoMoPa”/Ehlers/Nawito-Absurdistan-Agit-Propaganda:

Dear Readers,

let me just briefly comment a mental cyberattack which should distract your attention from the real issues.

I have never had any consulting position or contract for any German company.

I have never worked for the Axel Springer Publishing House – not even as a freelance journalist.

These facts are clear and can be verified easily – just by calling Axel Springer.

The facts are

1) Dr. Rainer Zitelmann worked for the Axel Springer Company. You can esaily find out what happened there. I just mention the word “Auschwitz” in this context…As you see from his website and in the internet Zitelmann is in fact consulting many German companies.

2) “GoMoPa” had in fact a consultation contract with estavis and got in fact money from estavis and many various companies i.e. “S&K”

These contracts are known and 100% true and published by various media i.e. “ZEIT”, “MANAGER MAGAZIN”, “SUEDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG” etc.

3) Meridian Capital was the subject of “GoMoPa”s articles.

4) “Nawito” whover or whatever it is did not even bother to contact us.

5) The “information” about one of our companies is false.

6) The “Nawito” informer “Peter Ehlers” did in fact attack Chancellor Merkel and the Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble as “Deutschlands bekannteste Hehler” to name just one fact about “Peter Ehlers” or whatever his name might be who by the way got a lot of money from the bancrupt SAM AG which was also subject of “GoMoPa”‘s reporting and we know similiar cases of this endeavour.

7) The last editor who was attacked by such cyberattacks died in a very mysterious way, Heinz Gerlach. He might have been controversial but nevertheless – the truth is the truth.

He was the first journalist to publish the truth about the mysterious headquarter of “GoMoPa” in New York and their consulting contract with estavis and died suddenly and totally unexpected for most of us – not for all.

The circumstances of his death remain unsolved for me.

We are ready to proof this everytime and do not work with “colportations”.

Obviously cyberattacks on our websites since years are not enough to keep the truth down – defamation must be added – a wellknown STASI technique to irritate the public – MENTAL AND PYSICAL CYBERATTACKS done by the well-know suspects.

Sincerely your

Bernd Pulch

Magister Artium der Publizistik, Germanistik und Komparatistik



graph eastern

graph 3



The attacked website are for example:

and about 20 more.

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