Maximum Exposure: Kate Upton & Adriana Lima – Video


Our hottie host extraordinaire can’t decide who’s hotter: Adriana Lima or Kate Upton. Can you help her choose?
Trampoline Double Fail…

Scion Close Call…

Adriana Lima…

Kate Upton… TV – The Vampire Chicks


Check out the sexy Vampire Chicks – they’re the hottest ghouls ever to grace a computer screen, so bring out the vampire in you and let the howling begin…

Kate Upton Hot Boobs in GQ Video



OMG! Kate Upton has the best boobs ever. watch her here as she shows off her hot boobs and then wets them 🙂 OMG

CLIP-Sexy All Star Shendelle Schokman


A quintessential California cutie, Shendelle is a bodacious blonde that loves the sand between her toes. This girl is bikini-clad almost every day! Check out our All Star who’s an expert in swimwear. See more of Shendelle at

Olivia Wilde – Photoshoot Magazine GQ TV



video and picture olivia wilde photoshoot magazine GQ october 2009 Olivia Wilde very hot bikini photoshoot

Video – All Star Robyn Rigby


There’s something about redheads that makes alot of men pay attention and swoon. So meet Robyn, the sultry Texan beauty whose lustrous locks and tan complexion cause everyone to do a double take.

CLIP-Kate Upton GQ Behind the Scenes — The Reason HD Video Was Invented


Some videos just don’t need a description. So without further adieu, here is HD video of Kate Upton dancing in a bikini, hula hooping, and frolicking around topless. TV – Playboy Swimwear


Bikinicom was lucky enough to get a preview of Playboy’s 2009 line of bikinis. So, for the sake of fashion, we are sharing it with you (the hot models don’t hurt either).

Video – MILA KUNIS on GQ Magazine!


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GQ – Video – Claire Danes Homeland Star covers British GQ Magazine


GQ – Video – Claire Danes Homeland Star covers British GQ Magazine

Claire Danes Homeland Star covers British GQ Magazine


Read the full in-depth interview with Homeland star Claire Danes on British GQ here:

Back in the spotlight as the agent provocateur in this year’s TV smash Homeland, Claire Danes faces the GQ interrogation on turning down DiCaprio, vain co-stars and her next plot twist.

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