The Running Man – Arnold Schwarzenegger – Full Movie



Solomon (‘a) who is wise, sage and intellectual person was selected as crown prince by his father Prophet David (Dawood Nabi) (‘a) at the age of 9. Following the death of Dawood (‘a), Solomon takes succession to the crown and God appoints him as the prophet. Requesting from God for establishing a divine kingdom, Solomon (‘a) takes the wind under his command and jinn’s and satans under his control and as such enforces them to build altars and Sculptures for him. Inviting rulers of the neighboring countries to the monotheistic religion, the Prophet Solomon (‘a) continues his divine mission in as much as Belkeis the queen of Sheba acknowledges her faith to the monotheistic religion. At the end, while leaning to his cane, Solomon (‘a) bid farewell to the world and the jinn’s and satans come out of his control and return to their own world.

RAW DEAL – Arnold Schwarzenegger (Rated R) – Full Movie

He’s an ex FBI agent with his own set of rules & justice.