CLIP – Agent Provocateur’s Gretchen


Agent Provocateur’s Gretchen, glamorous and seductive featuring layers of dramatic lace and tulle.

Nuts.TV – Confessions of a Nuts Girl: Chanelle

CLIP-Agent Provocateur’s Gangster Slip



Agent Provocateur’s Gangster Slip, 1930’s Hollywood inspired Gangster slip seduces by the allure of what cannot be seen.…

Nuts.TV – Wardrobe Malfunction


The gorgeous Georgina explains how she popped out on Nuts TV, in delicious detail.

CLIP – – Make Me A Glamour Model

Agent Provocateur’s Betsie – Video

Agent Provocateur Presents: Agent Provocateur’s Betsie, stylish leopard print silk is combined with sexy lace in this vampy range.…

Nuts TV – Fit & Fearless: Half-Naked Twister